Refurbishing Process

With over 20 trained technicians on-site, our IT refurbishment capability encompasses all four primary product types: Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Servers and Workstations, as well as modular/component part testing and quality checks.

Approved Procedures

Our Microsoft MAR approved procedures incorporate internal and external cleaning, component level testing, upgrades/downgrades, image builds and final burn-in testing. See more details about our Microsoft MAR partnership (MAR Link). Stringent internal requirements ensure that each of our refurbished machines is cosmetically suitable for reuse, with careful attention paid to rectify or replace any defects.

Refurbishment Process

Below is the process flow for our most extensive refurbishment process, accommodation a ‘built-to-order’

  1. dealandrefurb_14Cleaning – Every system to go through our refurbish process is thoroughly cleaned on arrival
  2. dealandrefurb_7Testing in – Machines are then run through quality checks to test all components and system functioning
  3. dealandrefurb_1Stripping – Once all parts are tested, components are stripped to be stock individually
  4. to Order – With an order confirmation in-hand, our technicians rebuild the system to desired specification
  5. – Where applicable, Microsoft MAR software is installed using the server-based imaging system
  6. testing – Systems are then run through burn-in testing to ensure the completed build is functioning correctly
  7. Dispatch – From a single server to a multi-pallet consignment of PC’s, each shipment is prepared for transit with the utmost care

Why Buy Refurbished

Professionally refurbished IT hardware provides the same level of performance and reliability as comparable new equipment for a significantly lower cost and reduced environmental consumption. Thus the decision to invest in refurbished equipment ultimately comes down to rational economic and environmental thinking, allowing IT budgets to stretch further.

In buying refurb from 1st Technologies, your customers will benefit from refurbished IT hardware that is inspected, cleaned, tested and brought back to original factory specifications. With increased margins for the retailer and unparalleled end-user value, refurbished equipment is a business no-brainer on both sides of the table.

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