Environmental Sustainability

A commitment to environmental sustainability is almost inherent in our operations. Maximising the lifecycle of IT assets reduces waste and is widely acknowledged as a more environmentally beneficial approach than recycling, a last resort of our business process and one which requires more energy and resources for remanufacturing.


Refurbish and Re-use

Refurbishing used IT equipment is a labour intensive process which requires technical skills and many man hours. Our refurbishing processes require usually require no newly manufactured components, energy demanding processes or consumption of raw materials. A naturally systematic and environmentally friendly approach to maximising the useful life of equipment and minimizing waste.

Reduce, Recycle

Firmly believing in the reuse, reduce, recycle mantra, we endeavour to utilise every salvageable component from the assets we handle. Those systems and components which have reached the end of their useable life are broken down, separated and recycled in the most efficient manner possible, adhering to all levels of environmental protocol. To this end, both 1st Technologies and its trading partners operate a strict ‘zero landfill’ policy.

1st Technologies LTD 

WEEE Compliance

Compliance with the European WEEE directive ensures that waste electrical equipment is correctly handled, processed, and recycled.


Environmental Assurance

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental moral concept of modern business, and one which will go some way to determining the feasibility of a sustainable future for our planet. Your trust and peace of mind is assured when dealing with 1st Technologies that our approach is unquestionably professional and responsible at every level.