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1st Technologies operates solely as a wholesale distributor of it equipment, with processes and business systems designed to deal with trade clients. Our B2B team specializes in dealing with customers from the global IT trade, from independent IT solution providers to multi-national brokers, dealers and maintenance companies.

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Why Buy From Us

Now large enough to supply substantial volumes of equipment on a regular basis and at extremely competitive prices, our customer service focus remains the same from our humble beginnings back in 1997. In focusing solely on business to business trade our small and personable sales team are able to provide a level of service, communication and understanding that has become all but lost in the age of faceless emails and SMS messages.

refurbished servers

Suppliers for the Long Term

The reputation of our company is built on the strength of our relationships, of more than 2 decades trading and by consistently delivering for our customers time after time. Our partnerships are built on trust, honesty and integrity. A foundation built to last.

As your business wisdom will attest, it’s easy to be likeable when the going is good. But you will only learn the true colours of an organisation when there are issues to be resolved. At 1st Technologies we are with you every step of the way.

Should you require trade references before considering doing business then we’ll be happy to oblige.

End-User, SME and Public Sector Customers

If you’re looking to purchase from us as an end-user customer then please visit our retail and SME platform Bargain Hardware, where the end-user sales team are best prepared to handle your enquiry. For all public sector (education, governmental, military, health) institutions, please contact our public sector sales team at ICT Direct.

Contact Trade Sales

For details of our inventory and pricing, please get in touch with the trade sales team. All contact details submitted remain within the 1st Technologies LTD organisation and will not be shared with third-parties: