The Team

We’re proud to have an enthusiastic, dedicated and personable team at 1st Technologies. Here’s a chance to put some faces to the names…

1st Technologies Ben Craig
Ben CraigManaging Director

Ben has been with 1st Technologies for 10 years and has learnt every aspect of the business. He quickly progressed through the company to be the Head of Warehousing and you will have never seen a warehouse so pristine and in order.

The past couple of years have seen huge and exciting changes to 1st Technologies, we now employ 50 members of staff and this shows how crucial Ben is to the company, how well respected he is by his colleagues, so it was only right and fitting he should be promoted to Managing Director.

Bens other passion is enduro mountain biking; this could be the reason why he is so calm under pressure. He is known for racing up and down mountains at high speeds and on many other different terrains in all temperatures and weather conditions, jumping and flipping his bike off edges at great heights. These competitions are tough and you can start to understand why Ben only believes in pushing himself to his absolute max.

1st Technologies Steve Whittingham-Topliss
Steve Whittingham-ToplissHR & Compliance

Steve is fresh faced to the IT industry but has many years’ experience in management, HR and operations. Steve has run pubs, worked in security and was self-employed industrial cleaner before coming on board. He is a big ambassador for positive thinking and with his can-do attitude nothing is out of reach. He has progressed very quickly with 1st Technologies and is already making a huge impact.

Steve has 2 big families in his life to which he devotes his time the one at home with his 8 Children and the one at work with his close to 50 colleagues, Steve uses the same friendly, fair and transparent attitude to both.

When he gets some spare time, Steve is a true lover of the outdoors from hiking, wild camping and cosy weekends away with his wife Anna in their home-made camper. Some say he aspires to be the next Grizzly Adams or maybe that’s just the beard!

1st Technologies Damian Clarke
Damian ClarkeOutbound Manager

Damian oversees the outbound process varying from assembling bespoke rack servers and workstations to custom configuring bulk sales of laptops and desktops and everything in-between.

Damian loves the technical aspect of his role whilst maintaining a high standard of finished product, the credit for our prompt delivery and top-notch quality for unique solutions lies with Damian.

Out of work, Damian is a true petrol head and his Audi, Land Rover and MX5 track car are his pride and joy, his other love is the gym where he trains every week.

1st Technologies Luke Alder
Luke AlderLogistics & Warehousing

Luke is responsible for maintaining our warehouse and organising logistics for all our goods coming into our Ribchester based premises.

He continues to find the best service for the best price and liaises directly with vendors, logistics companies and customers alike.

Luke is a member of a local shooting club, and has an eagle eye for the clay pigeons, pheasant is always on the menu during hunting season thanks to Luke.

He is also a keen badminton player and takes great pride in thrashing everyone at our “friendly” company badminton matches.

1st Technologies Tom Peterson
Tom PetersonTrade Sales & Purchasing

Tom is the company’s action man. In 2016 he completed the 2200-mile Appalachian Trail in America. He denies that the reason he embarked on this undertaking was to take his mind off the fortunes of his football club, Sunderland.

He is a keen Rugby Union player and captain of Preston Grasshopper’s second team.

Tom joined the company in 2011 following his studies at Manchester Met where he received a degree in Business and now works within the sales and purchasing team, looking after our trade customers.